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A Doll House of Ibsen
01/03/2002 - 03/03/2002

Theatrical performances of Ibsen's masterpiece "A Doll's House" by the theatrical Group of Naoussa Paros. In "A Doll's House" Ibsen returns to the subject so vital to him,--the Social Lie and Duty,--this time as manifesting themselves in the sacred institution of the home and in the position of woman in her gilded cage.

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Paros Classical Music Festival - An Aegean delight

The Classical Music Festival is Paros' best kept secret for The last three years. This summer, the Cycladic island's festival has prepared four very special evenings for the local and visiting lovers of good music. Paros' Classical Music Festival is a high quality institution that became reality thanks to the tireless efforts of the local community, natives and foreigners who adopted the island as their home. Heart and soul of the whole effort is American-born pianist Nancy Goldenberg, who's the founder and the artistic director of the festival and a Paros resident for a number of years. Every year, Paros' Classical Music Festival invites some renowned artists from around the world. This summer could not be the exception, so from June 21 to September 20, four lovely concerts have been scheduled to take place in the island's capital, Parikia, at the premises of Archilochos Cultural Center, the most active club in Paros that organizes special cultural events regularly. In winter, Archilochos offers quality films once a week.

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Paros' Classical Music Festival

Paros Summer Music Festival, inaugurates the "Great Pianists Series" and presents American pianist Frederick Weldy on Saturday, June 21st at the Archilochos Hall in Parikia, the island's capital. Weldy, a pianist of power, passion and precision, gives a concert with works by Domenico Scarlatti, Franz Liszt, Franz Schubert, Alberto Ginastera, Sergei Rachmaninoff, Alexander Scriabin and Frederic Chopin. Frederick Weldy won the prize of the National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts and has since played for spell bound audiences in the United States, Europe, and Central America. The Washington Post praised his "compelling talent," other reviewers mentioned his "wonderful" interpretations in the San Francisco Chronicle, "his total commitment" in the San Antonio Express News, or his "genuine elegant style" in the Kansas City Star. He started his career as a pianist with a memorable concert in the Weill Room at Carnegie Hall. Since then he has played in Washington, Chicago, Warsaw at the Chopin Music Academy in Warsaw, at the White House and at the Royal Palace in The Hague. He was invited by the Fondation La Gesse, in Boulogne-sur-Gesse in France, and has also played with the Rochester Philharmonic, the Utah Symphony Orchestra, and Costa Rica's National Symphony Orchestra, amongst others. During the past season, Weldy played in San Francisco, Washington, at the Paderewski Museum in Warsaw, and at the International Music Festival in Paros, in Greece. Frederick Weldy was born and raised on a cattle farm in Indiana, and has a doctorate in Musical Arts of Michigan University. He now teaches at Stanford University after the Harlem School of Arts, and the Interlochen National Music Camp, in Michigan. In this year's Paros festival, Frederick Weldy interprets the following works: - Sonata in E major, L. 23, and Sonata in C major, L. 104, by Domenico Scarlatti (2685-1757) - Funerailles (October 1849) from Harmonies poetques et religieuses by Franz Liszt (1811-1886) - Impromptu in G-flat major, opus 90, no. 3 by Franz Schubert (1797-1828) - Danzas Argentinas (Danza del Viejo boyero, Danza de la mosa donosa, Danza del gaucho matrero) by Alberto Ginastra (1916-1983) - Prelude in G-sharp minor (opus 32, no. 12), Prelude in E-flat major (opus 23, no. 6) and Prelude in G-minor (opus 23, no. 5) by Sergei Rachmaninoff (1873-1943) - Nocturne for the Left Hand Alone (opus 9, no. 2) by Alexander Scriabin (1872-1915) - Nocturne in F-sharp major (opus 15, no. 2) and Ballade, no. 1 in G minor, opus 23, by Frederic Chopin (1810-1849).

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Paros' Classical Music Festival Great Vocal Music with Ukrainian soprano Oxana Arkaeva

Chamber music, arias and songs by Scarlatti, Mozart, Strauss, Verdi, Debussy, Massenet, Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninoff make a delightful evening for the audience of this second concert of the 3rd Classical Music Festival of Paros. The "Great Vocal Music" series of that day features Ukrainian soprano Oxana Arkaeva, Belgian clarinetist Vlad Weverbergh and pianist Nancy Goldenberg. Who is Oxana Arkaeva Oxana Arkaeva took piano lessons in the Moscow Philharmonic Ensemble at the age of 6 she. She started her singing studies at the Tchaikovsky State Conservatory, where she made her operatic debut as Euridice in Gluck's "Orfeo." She also studied at New York's Manhattan School of Music, where she performed numerous recitals. Arkaeva has won renowned internationa competitions, such as second prize at the Olga Koussevitzky competition, first prize at Placido Domingo's Operalia competition in Mexico, 1994, and the second prize at the S. Hertogenbosch International Vocal Competition in the Netherlands. After her victory in Operalia, she was invited by the great Spanish tenor, Placido Domingo, to sing the role of Muzetta in the famous Puccini'ss opera "La Boheme" at Kennedy Center in Washington DC. She has also performed at the Royal Opera House in Copenhagen, the Zurich Opera House, the Frankfurt Opera, the Zomeropera festival of Belgium, the Attaturk Cultural Center of Istanbul, the Steinway Hall and the YWCA in New York City. She is currently working for the Frankfurt am Main Opera. This concert marks her debut with the Paros Summer Music Festival. Who is Vlad Weverbergh Despite his young age - born in 1977 - Vlad Weverbergh must be counted as one of Belgium's leading clarinetists. His phenomenal technique, masterly control, enviable musicality and stylistic versatility have won him praise from all quarters. A series of brilliant competition results at both Belgian and international venues have served to underline his talents. He has won the Young Tenuto, Belgium, the Aurelian Octav Popa International Competition, Romania, The Concours Europeen pour Jeune Solistes, Luxemburg, and the Pro Civitate prize, Belgium. He is a graduate of the Royal Music Conservatory, Antwerp, and has performed with numerous Philharmonic orchestras. His trio, the Trio Dor (violin, clarinet and accordion) has toured Romania, Sweden, the Netherlands, France, Austria and South Africa. The trio has released two CDs. Weverbergh has released his own CD entitled "Premiere Rhapsody." A few words about Nancy Goldenberg Founder and artistic director of the Paros Classical Music Festival, American-born Nancy Goldenberg, performs and lectures internationally. Trained at the Juilliard School, the Paris Conservatory and Salzburg's Mozarteum, she has been assistant conductor and coach at New York City Opera, head of the Department of Accompaniment at Florida State University and music professor at several US Universities. She has also written two books on teaching piano to children. She lives in Frankfurt, Germany, and Paros island, Greece. The program of the concert of Saturday, August 9, goes as follows: - Tre aria antiche: Le Violette (Alessandro Scarlati), Pieta Signore (Alessandro Stradella) and Gia il sole dal Gange (Alessandro Scarlati) - Voi che Sapete (W.A.Mozart) - Paraphrase of Mozart arias for piano (W.A.Mozart-Goldenberg) - Morgen, Standchen, Alle Seelen (Richard Strauss) - Der Hirt auf dem Falsen (Franz Schubert) - "A forse lui". Violetta's aria from "La Traviata" (Giueseppe Verdi) - 9 works by Claude Debussy: The Girl with the Flaxen Hair, Romance, The Little Shepard, Le Petit Negre (transcribed for clarinet), C'est L'extase, Il pleure dans mon Coeur, L'ombre des Arbre, Chevaux de Bois and Creen - Manon's Aria (Jules Massenet) - Four songs (P.I. Tchaikovsky) - Five works bySerge Rachmaninoff: Oh, never to sing to me again, How Fair this Spot, The Lilacs, the Answer, Spring Waters.

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Paros' Classical Music Festival Recital of young violinist Lana Yumi Lee

The young prodigy violinist Lana Yumi Lee gives the third concert of this year's 3rd Paros Classical Music Festival, on Saturday, September 6, interpreting works by Mendelssohn, Dubussy, Paganini and De Sarasate. She is accompanied, by American pianist, Nancy Goldenberg, artistic director of the Festival of Paros island. Lana Yumi Lee is currently in her third year at the Juilliard School of Music of New York with Masao Kawasaki as a tutor. She began her violin studies at the age of nine and since then she has won important competitions, such as the Menuhin-Dowling, the Nova Vista Symphony, the Fremont California Philharmonic, the California State and National Federation of Music Clubs, and most recently, the California Youth Symphony. She has made numerous solo appearances with acclaimed orchestras in the United States and abroad. Who is Nancy Goldenberg Founder and artistic director of the Paros Classical Music Festival, American-born Nancy Goldenberg, performs and lectures internationally. Trained at the Juilliard School, the Paris Conservatory and Salzburg's Mozarteum, she has been assistant conductor and coach at New York City Opera, head of the Department of Accompaniment at Florida State University and music professor at several US Universities. She has also written two books on teaching piano to children. She lives in Frankfurt, Germany, and Paros island, Greece. For the concert of Saturday, September 6, Lana Yumi Lee, performs the following works: - Violin concerto in E minor, opus 64 (Felix Mendelssohn) - Sonata for violin and piano in G minor (Claude Debussy) - Cantabile (Niccolo Paganini) - Carmen Fantasy after Bizet's Carmen (Pablo de Sarasate

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An evening of Magic with the pantomime of Irene Orda

A very special program was selected by the 3rd Paros Classical Music Festival to close this year's curtains, on Saturday, Spetember 20: An evening of Pantomime and Music with the "magical, funny and entertaining," as characterized by the international press, Swiss mime, Irene Orda, accompanied by the Parian young pianist Maroulia Kontou and the American pianist, Nancy Goldenberg, artistic director of the Festival. Irene Orda was born in Zurich, Switzerland, and in her fourth year she set the foundation for her career, when she began her first ballet lessons. As she was growing up, she started enjoying dance, movement and music, so she decided to study pantomime. To do so, she moved to Vienna, Austria, and started classes with Samy Molcho. At the same time, she was taking acting lessons and developed herself intensely to the Indian temple dance. She then moved to Paris, France, where she studied at the Ecole de Mime. There, she learned to combine dance and pantomime. Going back to Zurich, she developed her first full-length solo program and began her performing career in small theaters, always continuing her work with Samy Molcho. Today, Orda holds workshops and seminars on body language, pantomime and temple dance. She has had guest performances in France, Italy, Spain, England, Thailand, Japan and the United States. Irene Orda's performance is "dressed" musically by the young Parian pianist, Maroulia Kontou, and the Festival's artistic director, Nancy Goldenberg. Maroulia Kontou was born in Piraeus in 1977 and gre up in Paros, where she began her piano studies. She then went to study at the conservatory in Athens, where she received her harmony and performance diplomas. She is currently teaching piano to children on Paros. Founder and artistic director of the Paros Classical Music Festival, American-born Nancy Goldenberg, performs and lectures internationally. Trained at the Juilliard School, the Paris Conservatory and Salzburg's Mozarteum, she has been assistant conductor and coach at New York City Opera, head of the Department of Accompaniment at Florida State University and music professor at several US Universities. She has also written two books on teaching piano to children. She lives in Frankfurt, Germany, and Paros island, Greece. The program of the performance of Saturday, September 20, consists of the following acts: Morning Scenes I and II A Walk with the Dog Cocktail Time The First Date at a Restaurant A special Journey Metamorphosis A Touch of Asia The Orchestra Nocturnes

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Olive trees and olive oil in the Olympic games

Lefkes, Paros (26,27,28/9/2003) Exhibition titled: Olive trees and olive oil in the Olympic games, round table discussion of the history of olive tree cultivation and olive oil production - visits and guided tours in the traditional oil-presses of Paros. Institute of Hellenic Mills, 1st Ephorate of Modern Monuments, Municilapity of Paros, Educational Association of Paros, Paros County. Tel: +30-210-7214381

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The Alkyonis wildlife refuge on Paros

More than 3,000 creatures saved so far, and the good work is all set to continue. The Alkyonis wildlife refuge on Paros has been taking care of birds and animals since 1995. A volunteer at the refuge tending a beautiful flamingo. Some 70 percent of Alkyonis's patients have been released back into their natural habitats. The Alkyonis wildlife refuge on Paros has treated 3,000 birds and animals from all over Greece. Every winter, when the hunting season starts, the workload of the medical staff and volunteers multiplies.

This year Alkyonis is better prepared than ever to receive its patients at one of the best organized wildlife hospitals in Europe.

A group of friends set up the Society for the Welfare and Protection of Wildlife on a trial basis in 1995. Most of them had some connection with Paros, the site of the only house available to them - the family home of the society's director, Marios Fournaris. It was decided to establish it as the society's headquarters.

The wildlife hospital proved far more necessary than had first seemed. Currently about 100 volunteers help out on Paros alone, while more than 400 volunteers throughout Greece locate and send injured wildlife to the island.

The initial budget to build the hospital (250 million drachmas) was prohibitive, especially when no state or municipal funding was forthcoming. But 112 volunteers from all over Europe worked on completing the project, and donations from corporations covered the cost of most of the equipment. This reduced the final cost to a tenth of the original, just 25 million drachmas.

The refuge is built on a 12.6-thousand-square-meter block of land donated to the society by the Longovardas Monastery of Paros and it has been planted with trees.

The surgeries, volunteers' accommodation and food preparation center are in a 170-square- meter stone building. The birds being cared for live in cages which are roomy enough for them to feel reasonably comfortable.

When they are ready, the animals are released into their natural habitat again, and 70 percent of those cared for by Alkyonis have been returned to the wild.

Those unable to survive alone in the wild stay at the refuge in specially designed, fenced-off areas. Visitors can view them from the observatory, but may not approach them, because wild animals in captivity suffer from anxiety, which the presence of humans aggravates. This is the great philosophical and ethical difference between wildlife refuges and zoos, says Fournaris. Wildlife refuges focus on respect for nature, while zoos focus on making a profit, sometimes ignoring the anxiety of the animals they house, and sometimes exploiting them. A refuge based on such a philosophy naturally does not confine itself to tending injured animals. Ever since its foundation, Alkyonis has systematically run environmental education programs, and its new facilities include a special room for that purpose.

  • Society for the Welfare and Protection of Wildlife
  • 84400 Paroikia, Paros. P.O. 844 00
  • Tel. +30 22840 22931
  • Cel +30 6944 741616

    Author : Christina Stavrinadou

  • Greece seeks return of 'looted' works from Getty
    October 28, 2005

    The J. Paul Getty Museum, already embroiled in a dispute with Italy over looted art, now faces demands by Greece over the return of allegedly stolen antiquities.

    Greece has backed its claims by presenting archaeological evidence proving the Greek origin of three items ranking among the masterpieces of the Getty's antiquities collection. A gold funerary wreath, an inscribed tombstone and a marble torso were all purchased in 1993. The fourth item, an archaic votive relief, was bought in 1955 by the museum's founder, J. Paul Getty himself.

    According to the Greek media, the gold wreath was purchased by Marion True, the museum's former chief curator of antiquities, who resignedthis month after 20 years with the Getty, the world's largest and wealthiest museum. Her resignation came about due to a conflict of interest. She reportedly secured a $400,000 (225,000) loan with the help of one of the Getty's main art suppliers for a holiday house in the Greek island of Paros.

    Ms True faces criminal charges in Italy over conspiring with dealers to traffic in stolen goods. Her trial is scheduled to resume next month in Rome.

    Greek officials initially lodged their claim nine years ago and renewed it in May. The Greek consulate in Los Angeles said that a 20 May letter to the Getty Museum cited a lack of evidence regarding the time and way the wreath and other objects were exported. The letter pointed out that there is a strong indication that the artifacts entered the art market illegally.

    Monday's LA Times said officials in the US had told the Getty before it bought the wreath and marble torso they had almost certainly been looted. The newspaper says Ms True first saw the wreath in a Zurich bank vault but walked away after realising the men she was dealing with were impostors. She went ahead with the deal several months later,museum records show.

    Ms True's lawyer referred questions to the Getty but the museum declined to comment. In the past, it has denied knowingly buying stolen artifacts. But the Getty has returned threeobjects the Italian government claimed had been stolen.

    Documents show that the votive relief bought by J. Paul Getty himself was from the archaeological site of the Greek island of Thassos.

    EU legislation on prosecuting antiquities smugglers has tightened in the past decade. Artifacts that lack a documented ownership history are presumed to have been illegally excavated.

    Author : By Nikolas Zirganos and Elinda Labropoulou

    Around the world in 50 days
    February 25, 2006

    IN Jules Verne’s famous novel, British inventor Phileas Fogg went around the world in 80 days. Pang Piow Kan did that in 50 days.

    Journeying eastward from Penang and covering 16 cities in June and July last year, it was like a second honeymoon for the 60-year-old grandfather and his wife, Khoo Phaik Hoe, 55.

    Their stops comprised Bangkok, Hong Kong, Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, New York, Prague, Budapest, Athens, Greek islands (Paros, Santorini and Crete) and Singapore.

    But the best part of it all was that they did not have to pay a sen for their air tickets!

    The retired motor oil exporter had won the Travel Photographer of the Year (TPOTY) 2004 competition, beating 1,100 participants from 46 countries.

    His prizes were two round-the-world air tickets worth RM30,000, Adobe Photoshop software costing RM9,000 and 2,000 British pounds sterling (nearly RM14,000) worth of shopping vouchers.

    “Under the air tickets’ condition, we had to travel in one direction. We also had a choice of 18 airlines to select from.

    “I took 60 rolls of film and came back with 2,000 photos.

    “My favourite place was Greece where there were gorgeous scenes of white-washed houses in contrast with blue skies,” said the amateur photographer at his home in Taman Scotland, Penang.

    His winning portfolio of 24 entries depicted idyllic images of Semporna in Sabah and Bali as well as exquisite shots of birds in Batu Kawan, Penang. TPOTY is an international photographic competition designed to find the very best in travel photography.

    Pang is also an avid traveller who has covered 35 countries, including South Africa, India, China, Australia, Mauritius and nearly the whole of Europe.

    The self-taught photographer is no stranger to winning some of the most prestigious international photography competitions.

    He was voted Asian Photographer of the Year in 1993 by Photo Asia magazine and has the unprecedented distinction of being a five-time Overseas Chinese Photographer winner from 1995 to 1999.

    The amazing part of his feats is that he has never used a digital camera before.

    “I have invested RM40,000 in analogue cameras and related equipment. Thus, I don’t have any plans to switch to a digital one at all. Also, images taken by an analogue camera’s wide angle lens are better than those of digital ones,” claimed Pang.

    He became interested in photography in 1983 when he bought his first professional camera, a Nikon F3, to take photos of his young children.

    “A friend remarked that I had a high-end camera but my images were that of a pre-schooler. Stung by his criticism, I became resolute in proving him wrong and worked to improve my skills,” he added.

    Author : By NG SU-ANN

    Paros Kiteboard World Cup 2006
    July 20th, 2006

    Paros - The finals of the Kiteboard Pro World Cup 2006 Paros event were run on Saturday with a truly spectacular show between 12.00 and 15.35, broadcasted live from the TV sponsor, SuperSport.

    The Kiteboard Pro World Cup 2006 Paros event will come to an end on Sunday evening with the Closing Ceremony that will be hosting the riders and the organization memebers with the Grand Award Ceremony, Beach Barbeque, Pounda Beach Party, and fireworks.

    For more information, visit www.kiteboardpro.com

    Author : Fernandez, Pulido Rock Freestyle by Kiteblogs.com

    Victoria Hislop
    September 15, 2006

    Then we went to Paros and I saw for the first time the quintessential Greek harbour scene, with the cluster of startlingly white buildings against a sea and a sky bluer than you seem to get anywhere else. Thats where I fell in love with Greece. There was, and is, something easy and unchanging about the islands.

    Author : Rob Ryan

    Paros Nautical Club
    April 6th, 2012

    The National Sailing Championship of 420 class vessels, will be held in the bay of Parikia, on Sunday 08 April to M. Wednesday, April 11.

    Struggles, during which to visit the island more than 80 athletes and 15 groups from all over Greece, organized by HOC in cooperation with the Nautical Club of Paros, under the auspices of the South Aegean Region and the Municipality of Paros.

    Author : TtP

    European Music Day in Paros
    June 17, 2012

    On June 21, 2012, a day dedicated to music, celebrating the European Day of Music simultaneously in 30 cities in Greece, including Paros, and 25 countries in Europe, forming part of the Network of European Music Day. The celebration is based on volunteerism and provide an opportunity for amateur and professional musicians to spread their musical message to a wide audience. All concerts, workshops and seminars carried out within each event is free to the public. Musicians from other parts of Greece will come to Paros Park and the beach of the Catholic, in an atmosphere of celebration and unity, to participate in this multi-cultural fiesta of music. With us this year is Rock band from Evergreen Paros, the 0Land and Sea with ethnic sounds from ancient Greek musical instruments, while the Tribal West & Aftrotone Project will carry on the coast of Paros, the sounds and rhythms of Africa. A special light percussion workshop will take place during the events, where participants can take part in their own percussion to improvise (with bottles, spoons, etc.)! The European Music Day will result in a metamesonychtio techno-electro party with Djs Billy Nick and Jimmy Gemma on decks.

    We invite you to come and join in the celebrations of the 13th European Music Day in the Park with us, an ideal place to enjoy such a pleasant event and live music from 5 pm until 4 am, near the sea and under the moon and stars.

    The Music Program:

    17:00 - Uplifting DJ set
    18:30 - Evergreen (Rock, Blues / Paros)
    20:00 - Open Percussion Workshop with George Bean - Bring your drums! (Improvised percussion welcome)
    21:00 - Tribal West & Afrotone Project (African Percussion / Athens)
    22:00 - Land & Sea (Ethnic instruments with ancient Greek / Athens, Thessaloniki)
    00:00 - Djs Jimmy Gemma & Billy Nik (techno, tech-house / Athens, Paros)

    Sponsors and Supporters of the European Music Day in the Park Paros are:
    MESO, the Greek branch of the European Music Day, AEPI, Best 92,6 FM, Avopolis, the Blue Star Ferries, Porto Paros, Alexander-Windmill Travel, ParosWeb, ParosLife, and the Environmental and Natural Park of Paros, the Municipality of Paros, Bluestar Ferries, the Porto Paros, the Women Association of Naoussa and the dedicated volunteers of the Park of Paros, offering valuable help and support each year.

    Author : TtP

    Paros Municipality at ITB 2013
    March 17. 2013

    Paros Municipality as part of promotional activities and promotion of the destination involved with targeted actions in the international tourism fair ITB 2013.

    The Municipality of Paros was represented by Mr. George Bafitis (President of the Hotel Association) and Mr. Ballios (Commerce Association Paros) and two members of the Committee on Tourism Promotion and Development of the Municipality.

    After much preparation and with the contribution of the company directors of the City were targeted contacts with leading Tour Operators and travel agencies such as ThomasCook and FTI aimed at increasing penetration of the German market destination.

    The exhibition was accompanied by the participation of the destination presentation to the public Saturday 9/3 and Sunday, the 10th / 3 garnered interest multitude of visitors. It is worth to mention contacts with selected journalists and media representatives and to explore collaboration with entrepreneurs to focus the Diaspora for multilevel activity related to the promotion of the destination through original projects and a delegation of Paros for training in dancing traditional dances.

    As part of the Commission decision to conduct activities aimed at strengthening equity markets Exhibitions interest, participated in an event presenting destinations that took place in Vienna on 12 March. Attended the event and the islands of Milos, Sifnos and Ios. The Municipality of Paros represented Mr. Bafitis George (President of the Hotel Association and a member of the Tourism Commission) who was responsible for the organization of participation. Attended by approximately 50 tour operators, many importers and some 10 journalists covering the event.

    Author : TtP

    Easter in Paros, Easter to remember!
    April 28th, 2013

    With the slogan Easter in Paros, Easter to remember! encapsulates the picturesque island of Cyclades traditional events for the Holy Days of Easter.

    The absolute devotion of Holy Thursday in churches and monasteries will be succeeded by the Good Friday Deposition with Byzantine splendor the Virgin Ekatondapiliani & Ai Giorgis at Dell where the representation of Apokathylosis with revithada noon Prodromos with representation of the Passion in Marpisa , Marble, Baptist, white & White Village meeting with epitaphs in Parikia and Naoussa and vigils in the Monastery of St. Theodore and the historic monastery androa Loggovarda.

    The devotion will follow the Resurrection was celebrated way on Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday celebrations and festivals in Marpisa, Naoussa, the St. George Agaeria and Langada.

    Author : TtP

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